A Note from the owner.

Charter House has saved our sellers over $2 million dollars in commission over the past 2 years compared to 6% and we are proud of this fact!

This means we take less commission than others while still providing full service.

While we might seem seller focused, the long term success of our business depends on BUYERS allowing us to help them buy homes!

You do not have to buy with us to sell your home, BUT, if you do plan to buy a home, we would greatly appreciate you allowing us to help you do that. We simply make more money helping buyers and those deals are needed to keep our doors open for years to come!

If you appreciate what we do on the selling side, help keep us around by buying a home through us or telling a friend about us that is looking to buy a home. Thanks!

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    Mike Julich

    Mike Julich

    My journey into real estate is a reflection of my life experiences leading up to this career. I served for 20 years in the military, so my values of dedication, integrity and attention to detail are reflected in every real estate transaction. I have a passion for helping veterans and military members as I have a deep understanding of the unique needs and lending process surrounding my military clients. I also have an extensive background in construction, so I can offer each client a valuable perspective on the home they are selling or buying. In 2017 I joined forces with my wife, Kenzie, who has been a seasoned professional in the real estate industry since 2008. Together we form a powerhouse real estate team, combining years of experience with a passion for helping clients through the selling and buying process. Whether it's working with veterans, guiding first time home buyers or assisting sellers in showcasing their properties, I am committed to delivering exceptional service. Trust me to turn your real estate goals into a successful reality.