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A Note from the owner.

Charter House has saved our sellers over $2 million dollars in commission over the past 2 years compared to 6% and we are proud of this fact!

This means we take less commission than others while still providing full service.

While we might seem seller focused, the long term success of our business depends on BUYERS allowing us to help them buy homes!

You do not have to buy with us to sell your home, BUT, if you do plan to buy a home, we would greatly appreciate you allowing us to help you do that. We simply make more money helping buyers and those deals are needed to keep our doors open for years to come!

If you appreciate what we do on the selling side, help keep us around by buying a home through us or telling a friend about us that is looking to buy a home. Thanks!

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    Agency Iowa

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    What You Can Expect

    02 Working With Agency Iowa

    A Unique Experience

    Agency Iowa agents are trained to THINK differently than all other agents! If Real Estate 101 is teaching agents to all act the same, our approach is to dissect that and ask if it is the best way to get things done! We then act on that!


    A truly LOCAL company!

    We think keeping things local as much as possible is a good thing! We have no "corporate" parent we need to send money to out of state on each deal. At Agency Iowa all of the money you pay us stays here!


    Agent Control

    You will find that many of the large, national firms don't allow their agents to make the call. You will get a lot of "my broker won't allow that" or "I will have to check" type answers. At Agency Iowa we empower our agents to make the calls they need to make on your deal, all while being in line with our philosophy of doing real estate the ethical way!


    A Relationship

    We are not a large corporate real estate firm. We are small on purpose and want a relationship with those we work with. We value the "people" side of this business and hope you will stop by the office from time to time to say hello. If you like being cared about, we might work for you!


    Success & Knowledge

    Agency Iowa has sold HUNDREDS of millions of dollars worth of real estate since it opened in 2016 and we keep getting better by learning, refining our processes and innovating every chance we get!


    A partner you can Trust!

    Agency Iowa puts the client first in all that we do! The proof of that is our hundreds of 5 star reviews you can find on Google and other sites!

    Agency Iowa

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    04 Clients Are Saying

    My experience with Charter House Real Estate was 5 stars across the board. Paying less commission did NOT result in unprofessional service. If I had any concerns [and I had one] I was quickly put at ease and reassured I was being well taken care of. If and when I ever move back to central Iowa, Charter House will be one of the first phone calls I make!

    Julie Krohn

    We chose to go with Charter House because of their high reviews and how they pride themselves in valuing the customer. We were not disappointed and they were true to their word. They are great at communicating through every step of the process making it as smooth and stress free as possible. They were really accommodating and happy to explain everything as it was our first time buying a home. We would definitely recommend Charter House to anyone. Thanks Charter House!!

    Theresa Metzger

    Adam definitely had his work cut out for him on the sale of our townhouse. Not only did Adam save us over $3,000, he explained the process every step of the way and kept us updated with the whole process. He also help us find “our” home! We looked at a lot of houses and Adam assured us that we would know when we walked into “The One”. Sure enough we found it and he made the entire process very simple. I would highly recommend using Adam to find you next home or help you save money by selling your current one. Thank you Adam!

    Heath Hill

    Working with Charter House was a breeze, especially for being a first time home buyer. I did not know how the whole process worked and these guys walked you through everything which was very helpful. I would recommend working with Charter House ten out of ten times. They know what they are talking about, they know how to help you get the best deals and make sure the house is the best fit for you. Communication was very easy with Charter House.

    Joel Lanning

    Mark, Katie and the crew at Charter House Real Estate will treat you right. Not only do they provide an unbeatable value, but the service is exceptional as well. My wife and I both really appreciated the attention to customer service and we felt like we were really valued. They are great people and will make what can be a very stressful process much more enjoyable. I promise you will not be disappointed in choosing Charter House Real Estate to handle your home buying and selling needs!

    Tim Rector

    My wife and I cant say enough positive things about Ross Peterson and the job he did selling our house. Ross was quick to respond, he updated us frequently, and he explained the entire process. Although we had several questions and often at odd hours, Ross always made time for us and really made us feel like we were his sole priority. The payment structure at Charter house really saved us money but we never once felt like Ross cut any corners. From the beginning of the process to when we accepted the offer was only about three weeks and yet Ross made us feel like he was a close family friend by the end. I highly recommend Ross Peterson at Charter House Real Estate.

    Michael Schwenk

    If you need a trusted realtor, look no further than Reid Petersen. He took time to understand exactly what we wanted in our next time. Always took time to show us any and all options we had. Any questions we had, he knew the answers or was able to get them answered as quick as he could. Very good experience. Would recommend him to anyone looking to have a great experience and save money!

    Ben Maxwell

    Despite the virus Katie worked really hard and gave me fantastic advise. She kept me informed. Sold my house quickly. She made me feel important and on my side. It was more important to her that I got a great value for my house than selling it quickly.

    Deborah Steinmetz

    I called CH to have one of your agents show my parents a house. Adam Bentz showed up on time and was very professional. He has exceptional knowledge about the process. His patience was very necessary with dealing with my parents. They had many questions and sometimes the same one multiple times. Always responding promptly and thoroughly even the second and third time. I am very pleased with CH and will definitely use them again!

    Zachary Lincicum

    Nate’s dedication to his clients and knowledge is top notch. My wife and I decided to work with Nate and Charter House after he helped our friends buy their first home. They were very attentive and thorough with all of the questions we had throughout our selling and building process. Through the process Nate was never pushy and gave great advice/ guidance! I would recommend Nate Lee and Charter House to any one looking for a real estate company that you can trust!

    Johnny Runyon

    Agency Iowa

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