A Note from the owner.

Charter House has saved our sellers over $2 million dollars in commission over the past 2 years compared to 6% and we are proud of this fact!

This means we take less commission than others while still providing full service.

While we might seem seller focused, the long term success of our business depends on BUYERS allowing us to help them buy homes!

You do not have to buy with us to sell your home, BUT, if you do plan to buy a home, we would greatly appreciate you allowing us to help you do that. We simply make more money helping buyers and those deals are needed to keep our doors open for years to come!

If you appreciate what we do on the selling side, help keep us around by buying a home through us or telling a friend about us that is looking to buy a home. Thanks!

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    • Become an Agency Iowa Agent! •

    Want to sell real estate with other GREAT people in a fun and supportive atmosphere? Want to get 1 on 1 time with your broker when needed? Want to keep the MAXIMUM amount of the money you earn?

    If you can say YES to those questions, keep reading to see what we charge and what is included. We are confident that no other brokerage can match us!


    Plan 1 – $500 per month ($6,000 per year) – Split is 100/0, the following is included;

    Dmaar Monthly Dues

    Dmaar/NAR yearly dues

    E&O Insurance


    Company signs



    Email account

    Admin Support


    Plan 2 – $0 Monthly fee, 80/20 Split until Agent Pays $8400 Total.
    This plan includes everything above. Agents must be working in real estate “full time” to be eligible for this plan.
    Plan 3 – This is a “team plan” meant for agents that are not able to commit to real estate full-time, OR want some personal mentorship from a seasoned agent.
    The fee for this plan is $250 per month ($3,000 per year) and you must be on a split with your partner agent. The minimum split is 90/10, with 10% going to your agent partner. The exact split is negotiable between you and the partner agent.
    The following are included with this plan;
    Monthly Dmaar fees
    Company signs
    Email Account
    Admin Support
    In addition to these plans, we also have BONUSES available!!!

    • $1,000 referral bonus when an agent you recruit closes their first deal.

    • For brand new agents, repayment (up to $1500) of the costs to become licensed, if you     close 5 deals within your first year with us.

    • Recruit 5 agents to us and your monthly dues go to $0. Forever.

    • Top Producing agent each year gets a $10,000 Bonus (closed deals)

    • $1,000 Agent drawing each month at monthly meeting (must be present to win)