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A Note from the owner.

Charter House has saved our sellers over $2 million dollars in commission over the past 2 years compared to 6% and we are proud of this fact!

This means we take less commission than others while still providing full service.

While we might seem seller focused, the long term success of our business depends on BUYERS allowing us to help them buy homes!

You do not have to buy with us to sell your home, BUT, if you do plan to buy a home, we would greatly appreciate you allowing us to help you do that. We simply make more money helping buyers and those deals are needed to keep our doors open for years to come!

If you appreciate what we do on the selling side, help keep us around by buying a home through us or telling a friend about us that is looking to buy a home. Thanks!

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    Reid Petersen

    Reid Petersen
    Realtor / Director of Brokerage

    Reid has built a passion for all things real estate and strives to help clients achieve their goals. Residential, investment, and land sales are his main areas of focus and expertise.
    He has a great attention to detail and will stop at nothing to represent his clients to the fullest!
    You can count on him taking the time to understand your wants and needs and will work to make those a reality.
    He prides himself on building relationships with clients for life, not just a sale or transaction.
    Reid enjoys spending much of his free time on the golf course throughout the year and many hours enjoying the great outdoors in the fall. He calls Ankeny home, alongside his wife, Kelsey, and their dog Zoey.